Bite Low and Sell High in this totally and absolutely realistic simulation of trading the  cryptocurrency dogecoin starring the best doge in the world: Good Doge. Might make for an gud youtube meme

The price is completely random and arbitrary, just like in real life! Use Elon Musk to pump up the crypto market, bite coins as low as possible to get the most from buy, and sell your coin for profits!

How To Play:

Tapping on the screen tells Doge where to bite. A good doge bite by the Good Doge means dogecoin goes into Good Doge's dogecoin wallet. Stack some coins then smash "SELL COINS" when the price is up for huge profits!

Tapping Elon Musk drops coins pumps up the Dogecoin price. But when the price is high, even coin you miss is money out of your wallet. Stock up on coins then smash 'sell coins' as fast as you can to get a big payout!


Music by Modbom (except gameover theme):

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AuthorDeranged Turtle Games
Made withAudacity, Godot, Aseprite, GIMP
Tags2D, Arcade, diamond-hands, doge, dogecoin, Meme, Pixel Art, Retro, stonks, wall-street-bets
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
LinksYouTube, Homepage, Community

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